E-Gatepass Employee Attendance can be integrated with any hardware and can effectively manage all types of attendance systems like fingerprint biometric device, swipe cards, RFID or web punch,Face Recognition Systems and Palm Recording systems as well.


Key Benefits

  1.  Can be configured as per your company policies
  2.  Can be integrated with all payroll software
  3.  Provides critical employee data like hours worked, overtime, comp-off for payroll processing in Ascent Payroll
  4.  Eliminate payments for unapproved or fraudulent overtime
  5.  Complete attendance status of all employees in real time and on the web/cloud
  6.  Automated e-mail to employees for reporting monthly absenteeism
  7.  Reminders to Approving Officer for approving Punches, Outdoor Duties/ Comp-off/Overtime
  8.  Ability to automate Comp-off/Overtime requests and approvals on web, sharepoint
  9.  Regularize and approve employees Punches quickly on web, outlook, sharepoint
  10.  Define Deduction Policies
  11.  Identify attendance exceptions such as Late In, Early Out and Absenteeism etc. and take actions quickly
  12.  Track employee’s time for lunches, breaks etc.
  13.  Generates a log report to show the list of pending issues and critical errors before processing payroll
  14.  Generates Excel, PDF, Rich Text Format, HTML, Image reports of summary and drill-down reports by employee, by day, overall time entries, overtime, etc.
  15.  System Generates Automatic Muster as per the Labor office requirements
  16.  System can be customized with the help of our Programmers to suit your needs
  17.  Suitable for a 20 Employee office to a Team of 800 people
  18.  Various authorizations for Tracking the Data Entry/Modification/Printing responsibility
  19.  Excellent Password Encryption and Data Security
  20.  Online Leave Application/Approval/Rejection/Intimation system through mail/sms.
  21.  Daily email/sms report of latecomers and Frequently absent employee alerts
  22.  Overtime Limit Alerts