Asset Lifecycle Management


With integrated asset management, SUMMIT provides you with an accurate inventory of all the hardware and software assets in your organization across the Asset Lifecycle process. It optimizes your organization’s efficiency by helping you manage assets right from the planning stage to the disposal stage covering requisitioning, allocation, and retirement.


Key Benefits

  1. Optimum use of resources by tracking asset inventory through multiple asset scanning modes
  2. Tracks surplus expenditure on software licenses thereby avoiding overspending
  3. Enables enterprises to manage assets across tenants
  4. Manages both IT and non IT assets
  5. Provides complete information on ownership of assets
  6. Ensures software compliance by sending alerts when an unauthorized software is detected

Key Features

  1. Auto discover IT assets
  2. Multi-tenant system
  3. Hardware/Software Inventory and Variance Reports on usage
  4. Software License Compliance Metering
  5. IT asset ownership reporting system
  6. Custom asset appreciation calculation