Appian BPM is leading business process management software serving customers globally. Our low-code BPM tool has transformed millions of businesses worldwide.


Introduction to Appian BPM software

Appian BPM is a business process automation platform for building enterprise software applications, faster. We enable you automate and transform your business by creating new apps from scratch, or by connecting and enhancing legacy applications – all up to 20X faster than traditional development. With this process mapping software you get the speed of low-code development with the features of intelligent automation in a single and unified platform.

Key features of this workflow software

  1. Model Processes
  2. Apply Business Rules
  3. Adapt to Complex Events
  4. Embed Process in Your Apps
  5. Instant Deployment
  6. Faster Integration
  7. Automatically Mobile
  8. Secure and Scalable
  9. Management Tools
  10. Task Management
  11. Real-time Visibility
  12. Skills-based Routing
  13. Continuous Process Improvement
  14. Aggregated Process History Analysis
  15. Predictive Analytics
  16. Dynamic Reporting