Low code application development abilities of Anthill makes building applications quick and easy. using easy-to-use Graphical user Interface (GUI), you outline your data, the relationships between different data models, statistics validations and events and the application is ready to move.


Features of Anthil

  1. Reusable
  2. Integration
  3. Multi Device
  4. Saas /on Premise
  5. Flexi-UX/
  6. One Click

 Anthill is ideal for 

  1. Mobile and Web submission of electronic forms
  2. Customer onboarding or service request submission
  3. Single customer view
  4. Consuming APIs for portal applications for self-service
  5. Better UX for legacy enterprise applications
  6. Process applications such as Underwriting and Claims Workbench
  7. Device integration such as barcode reader, camera and biometric readers