We enable manufacturing companies to make their Quality Management smart and omnipresent. Save time and get smart today.


Introduction to AlisQI – Quality Management Platform

AlisQI is an easy to implement and integrate, flexible and cloud based Quality Management platform. We enable manufacturing companies to make their Quality Management data driven, automated and omnipresent. More than 70 factories worldwide use our platform for Quality Control, Quality Assurance and QESH management. We help our customers to reduce waste by up to 15%, increase their quality level and save up to 20% on time.

We are proud to serve customers on all six continents, ranging from startup to Fortune500. We have yet to lose a customer.Our customers can be found in just about any manufacturing vertical: Chemicals, Personal Hygiene, Food & beverage, Automotive and Manufacturing.

Benefits of using AlisQI Platform

  1. Integrated: no need to setup and integrate separate QC, Document Management and QESH systems
  2. Easy to use: one integrated system to learn and use rather than multiple systems and logins
  3. Grow as you go: start in one area and expand in others as your maturity grows
  4. Data-driven: having all data in one platform gives you better insights into your Quality performance
  5. Seamless: anything related to quality in a single place means audits and deviations can be dealt with swiftly.