Agrosmart is an expert  Agriculture management software that facilitates farmers in data-driven decision making for enhancing productiveness and profitability. Agrosmart covers all area activities, finance, stock, team of workers and get perception into normal farming overall performance with a single click.


EQL has developed a unique software to fulfill the needs of an Agricultural University. Unlike traditional Universities, we have made built our product to suite the exact requirements of an Agricultural University. This involves extensive software for Education, Research & Extension Departments. Following is the list of software we provide.
  1. EQL has came up with an Innovative product for Agriculture Field. This product is specially designed for Agricultural Research & Extension activities. This is also useful for Agro Produce Companies, Nursery, Research & Development Centers etc.
  2. FarmTek is easy to use software which helps user in planning, production, monitoring & marketing phases. It is useful for maintaining small to large farms. It generates various analytical reports to plan the farming efficiently. It also helps you with statistical data for planning & monitoring. Farmtek also maintains the accounting of all the income & expenditure and also helps in maintaining the inventory. FarmTek comes with in-built scheduler which keeps track of important events, alerts etc.
  3. Basic aim of this system is to provide instant information to farmers by using SMS. Now a day usage of mobile has became common in India.
  4. The system will provide daily market rates on selected commodities from APMC’s, updates on commodity market trends and weather.
  5. The service comprises sending Short Message Service alerts on cellular phones to registered individual farmers. Weekly SMS alerts can be issued on various agricultural developments like weather forecast, disease forecast and market information.
  6. A farmer can choose APMC of his interest. The farmer can also register for the commodities of his interest. The farmer will get updated prices on registered commodities from registered APMC’s.
  7. A farmer can also subscribe for News Alerts. This will keep farmer updated on the registered commodities, government updates on agriculture, latest technology etc.
  8. We can send SMS alerts in Marathi (Unicode supported handsets only) and English languages.
  9. Customer can purchase Agro SMS Voucher from APMC’s to register himself for the service. The pricing can be decided mutually.