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actiTIME is a web timesheet software that provides rich functionality covering almost any management and accounting needs. actiTIME facilitates corporate business process and helps its users organize their work better, increase company performance and collect critical billing and payroll information.



Simple Time-Tracking

Enter Time with Comments
You will track time with pleasure when you do it with actiTIME. A nice-looking and user-friendly interface with a weekly timesheet allows you to enter time and add comments quickly. Managers can also fill out timesheets for other users.

Approve Timesheet
The timesheet approval process is really easy with actiTIME. When the time-track for a week is complete, users mark it as “Ready for Approval”. Approvers assigned to the users will be able to review the users’ weekly timesheets and either approve or reject them individually or in bulk.

Locking Time from Modifications

Time Locking feature allows you to protect the reviewed time records from modifications. You can lock the timesheet individually for each user and for any period of time or for all users at once. Such protection is necessary:

  • After the review and approval of the timesheets
  • Once the performed work was reported to a client or an accounting department
  • When the reported time was included into an invoice

Overtime Management and Time Balance Control

Overtime can be calculated automatically or manually. You can choose the best mode and define the overtime pay rate individually for each user. Get a detailed picture of the hours worked above or below the standard workweek with the help of the Time Balance & Overtime Report.

Mobile Timesheet for iPhone and Android

With the actiTIME Mobile app you can access your timesheet anywhere and accurately track working hours on-the-go – whether you are at a meeting, on a business trip, or working at a client’s site. Take advantage of its built-in stopwatch and offline mode.

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