ACS 6.0 – Contact Center Management


Avhan Communication Server (ACS) 6.0 is Avhan’s Flagship product for Contact Center Management. ACS offers services to manage business communication / customer interactions across multiple locations/ regions and has very strong multi-lingual capabilities.


ACS offers exceptional features to address fundamental challenges faced by Global Contact Centers.

  • Cloud ready – platform designed for cloud deployment
  • Centralise / decentralise process functions for multi-center operations
  • Create restricted / unrestricted views for clients to view their floor operations
  • Template design allows for creation and termination of centers in shortest possible
  • Distributed architecture – Monitor and retain control over multiple outsourced contact centers and processes
  • High- Availability design for load distribution, load balancing and recovery –creates unmatched flexibility and agility to react to market requirements including traffic redistribution, opening new centers etc.
  • Unified Communications platform provides integrated view of Customer Interactions across multiple communication channels including Voice, Chat, SMS, Email and Social Media.
  • Highest Security standards delivered in process management in operations
  • Multi-tenant design – Highest level of Customer data security
  • Browser based Application Security Standard compliant
  • Futuristic Process management
  • Offers multi-lingual screens as well as multi-lingual process delivery
  • In-built tools for Risk management at operational level
  • Monitor and retain control over multiple outsourced contact centers and processes
  • Easy enablement of home agents and agents on the move.
  • Agnostic to Hardware and software platforms – Non Proprietary approach
  • Supports multiple hardware devices for Telecom terminations and for agent communications (NGN ready)
  • Easy integration with existing EPABX / IP PBX platforms
  • Supports Windows and Linux OS

Office Location – Mumbai

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