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Acme Infinity – A unique ERP Software for Jewellery retailers, Wholesalers & Manufacturers.Acme Infinity helps the Jewellery Businesses in achieving targets, in the most sophisticated & systematic way, by adding Flavor of Modern Management. It incorporates • Latest Management Techniques • Latest Technological Inventions for ease of functions • Latest Security Norms for system Implementation. 


      Acme Infinity – Unique ERP Software

Though India is world’s largest market for Jewellery consumption, the Indian Jewellery retailing Market has certain challenges which are consistently there for long times & now a days they have become more intense as Jewellery retailing is in the transition phase.

  • Jewellery sales require a good deal of service and expertise as Jewellery is expensive, intimidating, difficult for customers to evaluate, and usually not branded.
  • Most likely, customers wish to buy Jewellery from a merchant they feel is trustworthy: either a well-known local Jeweller or a retailer.
  • Increased competition gives consumers a greater choice.
  • Jewellers’ operations consist of buying Jewellery from manufacturers, wholesalers or both, training sales staff, and marketing products through various channels.
  • Many jewelers have sizable revenue through make to order & repair services.

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