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The Accruent real estate management system automates the entire location lifecycle to provide you with the clarity and visibility to maximize the performance of your locations. With its deep retail site selection, project & facility management, and lease administration functionality, the Accruent product line helps you right-size your portfolio and actively manage occupancy and facilities costs. The Accruent suite offers five fully integrated commercial real estate property software solutions, providing the average Accruent customer a return of more than 600% over a five-year period after investing in the Accruent product suite.


Market planning

Compile Market Plan

Capture all valuable planning components in a single real estate management system, like locations, key dates, budgets, parties involved, related projects and more. Measure the plan against Key Performance Indicators in a graphical, easy-to-digest format.

Assess Trade Area Potential

Draw on demographics, existing location data and competitor information to assess and rank trade areas. Achieve superior retail site selection by integrating third-party information into your commercial real estate software, including ESRI® and MapInfo®.

Develop Alternate Scenarios

Easily create and manipulate multiple plan versions to accommodate changing economic and market conditions and to optimize different levels and timing of capital investment.

Site Selection

Consolidate Site Data

Maintain a detailed repository of available market-level real estate in order to be able to quickly generate reports that aid in the retail site selection process.

Compare Site Options

Make fast, fully informed decicisions by generating apples-to-apples site comparisons of prospective sites in standardized formats or visual representations and 3-D maps within your commercial real estate software.

Facilitate Site Diligence

Manage the diligence process, and compile comprehensive site binders in digital form. Integrate your real estate management system with third-party real estate data services like CoStar®.

Lease Administration

Increase Efficiency in Lease Executions

Gain visibility into negotiated clauses, key dates and lease trends for better decision making using a flexible, wizard-style lease abstraction tool within your real estate management system.

Reduce Costs Through Expense Compliance

Reconcile landlord statements of expenses using visual desktop audit alerts and procedures built into your lease administration software.

Manage Co-tenancy Violations

Recognize opportunities to take full advantage of the co-tenancy clauses of your lease with Accruent’s alternate rent functionality.

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